HR Voice

What is the HRVoice?

HRVoice is a volunteer legislative forum for national members who hope to influence the outcome of legislation. Participants communicate with their Members of Congress, educate them regarding a bill's effect on the workplace and the HR profession, and work to influence the outcome of that bill. They are also kept apprised of legislative activity on the state level.

What Effect Will My Involvement Have?

As HR professionals, your voice provides a unique perspective that your Member of Congress may not have considered. By joining forces with other HR professionals, you directly affect the outcome of pending legislation and regulations that affect the HR profession. Your actions will ultimately benefit employers and employees all across the nation.

Do I Have To Be a Political Expert?

No. HRVoice is for political novices and seasoned professionals alike and is nonpartisan. HR professionals with an interest in the continued viability of the profession are the best representatives of the field to Congress. To help you educate Members of Congress, SHRM Fact Sheets detailing the legislative issues the Society's Governmental Affairs department is currently actively advocating, quarterly newsletters featuring lobbying tips and legislative updates and HRVoice toolkit are available for your use at

How Does It Work?

Members of HRVoice will receive monthly legislative updates through the Washington and State Insider, a publication written by SHRM governmental affairs staff. You will also periodically receive legislative alerts on bills introduced in Congress that will affect the workplace and require your professional input through phone calls, letters, faxes or meetings. What you decide to do with this information is up to you. Most communication will be done via e-mail and through SHRM's web site at Talking points and/or sample letters included in the alerts from SHRM will serve as a guide for communicating with Congress. Other activities available to you include political media events, giving legislative updates at chapter meetings and state conferences and even testifying before Congress.

Because most communications between SHRM and you take place via e-mail, it is critical that we have your correct and current e-mail address. Please go to, click on member services and follow the prompts to update your membership information.

How Can I Help?

Visit our web site at and send an e-mail or letter to your representatives on any or all of the sample letters that are listed. If you do not know who your Member of Congress is, just enter your zip code to find out. It is that easy. Additionally, take a moment to review the legislative fact sheets that are also on the SHRM web site. Then, be ready to respond to legislative alerts that you will receive from SHRM. It is that easy and if everyone contacts his or her Member of Congress, we WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE. But, we can only do it with your help.

If you have further questions about HRVoice, please contact Bernard Coleman, Member Advocacy Specialist in the SHRM Governmental Affairs Department at (703) 535-6260.