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Leadership is a Marathon: How to Stay Motivated as a Leader

  • October 17, 2018
  • 7:30 AM - 10:30 AM
  • Sandhill Cove, 1500 SW Capri Street, Palm City



HR Martin's - 1st Master Series Program Speaker

Leadership is a Marathon

How to Stay Motivated as a Leader

Presented By:

Matt Jones

Motivational Leadership Keynote Speaker

“When it comes to your VICTORY, it’s the inside stuff that counts”

Description of the Presentation:

In a recent survey 75% of respondents said their company is chronically short of leadership talent (War of Talent).  Being an effective leader like a marathon is an endurance event.  Matt’s talk, “Leadership is a Marathon” provides principles that leaders can use to empower, energize, and inspire themselves in order to do the dame for those they lead.

Matt uses his experience of running a marathon as a metaphor to share leadership strategies learned through personal experiences and graduate work in Transformational Leadership.

Key “take-aways” for the Presentation

Key learning objectives or key “take-aways” for the Presentation:

Your leaders will walk away with:

  • The four characteristics that REAL leaders practice
  • How to have a greater influence and impact on those you lead
  • Renewed passion for leading others
  • The number quality of leadership


More on our Speaker:

Matt Jones, went from being a three-time cancer conqueror, to relearning how to walk, to surviving a bone marrow transplant, to completing seven marathons on seven continents and yes that includes Antarctica! 

Matt was diagnosed with cancer on September 11, 2002. After spreading to the fluid in his brain doctors did not think he would live. At one point, Matt would slip into an unconscious state. Doctors at this time did not think he would live. Against all he recovered but due to complications in his brain he had to relearn how to walk.  

From the first step, he took after relearning how to walk, Matt visualized completing a marathon. His first marathon was the San Diego Rock N’ Roll. Followed by completing marathons in Rome, Tokyo, Perth, Cape Town, Antarctica, and Chile.  

Hall of Fame baseball player and World Series Champion, George Brett said, “Matt is a true champion and his story inspires others to be a true champion.”  Olympic gold medalist Scott Hamilton said, “Matt Jones has done what anyone would consider impossible. Conqueror. Overcomer. Champion. Superhuman.” 

Matt Jones is the founder of the R.E.A.L. Leadership Academy and was a PhD Candidate in Organizational Leadership. He is also the author of over ten books, including his newest one, “Happiness is a Marathon: 26.2 Ways to Stay Happy at Work and in Life”.  

Matt uses his story of overcoming insurmountable odds to motivate audiences to achieve greater victory during these times of change and uncertainty.

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